Riad Lune et Soleil is located on the border of the medina, inside the ramparts. Its location is ideal for visiting the medina on foot and also for taking a taxi to the new town.


Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the medina of Fez is considered one of the largest and best preserved ancient cities in the Arab-Muslim world. This medina not only represents an exceptional architectural, archaeological and urban heritage, it also conveys a way of life, know-how and a culture which are renewed despite the developments linked to modernity.

Founded in the 9th century and home to one of the oldest universities in the world, Fez experienced its prosperous period in the 13th and 14th centuries, under the Merinid dynasty. The urban fabric and the essential monuments of the medina date back to this period: medersas, fondouks, palaces and residences, mosques, fountains… Despite the transfer of the capital’s headquarters to Rabat in 1912, it retains its status as a cultural capital, artisanal and spiritual of Morocco.

Guided tour

  • All tours are conducted by an official guide.
  • The rates are subject to Moroccan law.
  • Prior appointment is required.
  • On average, 100 dirhams = 10 euros. Click here to see the exchange rate.

Near the riad – Medina of Fes

Guided walking tour of the medina


The medina of Fez


Travel time: 3 hours
Price: 250 dirhams


Temps du parcours : 1 journée
Tarif : 400 dirhams

Tours offered by air-conditioned minibus

Tour of the ramparts + Views of the medina + Village of the potters


Travel time: 3 hours
Price: 300 dirhams

Mount Zalagh and its panoramic view


Travel time: 2 to 3 hours
Price: 300 dirhams

Picnic possible at an additional cost.

Pottery village


Travel time: 1 hour
Price: 100 dirhams

Founded in 789, Fez is a city with an exceptional heritage. Former capital of the kingdom, its center is home to one of the oldest medinas in Africa but also the largest. There are many local specialties: leather goods, carpentry, weaving, perfumery… Not to mention Fez ceramics, blue or polychrome.

Tours offered by air-conditioned minibus

Recognized for its quality, Fez pottery comes in all forms: both in tableware and in the form of tiles (Zellige) for wall or floor decoration.

3 traditional and historical tanneries line the Fès river. The authenticity of the craftsmanship and the quality of these factories will surprise you. They organize guided tours and sell their products.

The carpenters perpetuate the ancestral know-how of wood processing. For valuables, craftsmen use cedar from the Middle Atlas, the perfume of which perfumes the workshops.

Many perfumeries surround the Karaouiyine mosque in the center of the medina. The prices there are very affordable. Traditionally, the inhabitants of Fez use them for family celebrations.

Weavers’ workshops and their shops open their doors to you. Manufacturing and sales are done on site. Simple or embroidered, the fabrics are made up of a wide choice of materials and different styles.

Many stalls offer a wide variety of jewelry.

Brassware consists of working copper, bronze, brass or nickel silver sheets.

The techniques are varied: chiselling – hammering – punching.

Cultural activities

The Fez Festival of Sacred Music: since 1994 the city of Fez has organized this festival in May or June, a unique place to meet artists from all over the world.

Throughout the year, the various American, French and Spanish cultural institutes offer varied and eclectic programmes.

Near the riad:


  • Alif riad 200 meters from the riad
  • Les Etoiles Cultural Center of the medina 500 meters from the riad
  • Cervantes Institute (new town)
  • Café Clock 500 meters from the riad

Temporary exhibitions take place in the various cultural institutes and also in galleries.

  • Medin’Art
  • Biehn’s Garden
  • Cafe Clock
  • Cultural Center the Stars of the medina
  • Cafe Clock
  • Arabic Language Institute in Fez
  • American Language Center
  • Photographer Eberhard Hahne has shared his passion for Fez for over 30 years and has published a magnificent book.
  • The ACR Publishing House has published many books on Morocco, especially on Fez
  • Papeterie Nouvelle bookstore: 44 boulevard Hassan II – New town
  • Central market bookstore: central market square – New town
  • The artist Jess Stephens has lived in Sefrou for years, a charming town 30 kilometers from Fes [see excursions]. She organizes visits and meetings/workshops between local and foreign artists and artisans.
  • Cécile has been living in Fez for more than 12 years and highlights the quality of local craftsmanship
  • Also discover this talented young Moroccan

Relaxation and Leisure

Kitchen :

We organize cooking classes by reservation. At the end of the morning, you will go to the souk accompanied by Hayat. You will develop the menu according to seasonal products. Back at the riad, you will cook with our team and in the evening you will taste.
Price: 40 euros per person / 20 euros for the menu and 20 euros for the cook.


We offer henna sessions at the riad upon reservation. Depending on your preferences, prices vary from 10 to 40 euros.


Depending on your tastes, we will book massages and other treatments in traditional hammams in the medina.


Tasting course by reservation at the Domaine de Zouina.